Saint-Petersburg Leningrad Sketchbook

Bonjour mes ami(e)s !

Xmas is coming, but I'm flipping through my little junk sketchbook that I filled during my short trip when I came back to  Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad for me. Just one week, and soo happy one. 

So voilĂ  video and some pages:
 Leningrad Sketchbook Video

sEE U! xxx


12 comm:

  1. Gorgeous journal pages. Thanks for sharing your creative.
    Happy PPF đź’™

  2. A real work of art and a sheer delight to look back on over time.
    Thank you for sharing and happy PPF Tracey

  3. I just watched your sketchbook journal on YouTube. Absolutely wonderful..Shows much thought and hard work, too!

  4. Such a beautiful sketchbook! Amazing! Thank you for joining Art Journal Journey again!
    oxo Susi

  5. what a wonderful journal filled with the happy memories of your holiday! happy PPF!

  6. This is stunning. You draw SO well, your watercolors are perfectly executed, and your paintings are simply amazing. Of particular note are the collaged pages, the distressed look, and of course, the drawings! We are thrilled you shared them with us at Art Journal Journey, too.

  7. Love the pages! Great memory of the trip. Happy PPF!

  8. What a wonderful sketchbook, such a great memory! I visited St. Petersburg 15 years ago, for a long spring weekend, and hope to return there again one day. This time with a sketchbook!

    1. Ah so you understand clearly its power ! Thank You!

  9. Very creative . . . impressed with your ideas and your art.


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