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Look at лук! ONION watercolor

“Emperor? You old fake! You're no Emperor. You're just an onion. Now then, little Peer, I'm going to peel you!" (Henrik Ibsen)

Onion is magic! Italians add it to every salad, the French marinate, Brazilians mix in "churashka" (kinda brazilian BBQ)and Io -- I DO love its juicy rings and silky peels.

This sketch is a 15-minutes deal

BUT it IS 15 minutes of PURE ENJOY!

"Quand je dessine je suis aux oignons" -- When I paint I'm on onions -- i.e."so happy" 
(когда я рисую, я на луках! - то есть "на седьмом небе")

ALSO "J'ai de l'oignon" -- "I have an onion" means "I'm LUCKY"!
Definitely J'ai BEAUCOUP des oignons

(it's a copy -- I saw these three onions on someone's picture (I forgot the name, sorry)
and rePAINTED it)


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