Watercolor and sketches about my travels, garden and kitchen as well! Watercolor and graphic illustrations, ubran-sketcher travel-sketchbook with art-journaling and junkbook pages watercolor,watercolor-sketchbook, artjournal, aquarelle, sketchbook, fast-sketch, france-sketch, illustration, graphic design, urban-sketch

summer and we

Elle est ma meilleur amie - j'aime beaucoup nous dessiner en souvenant les jours on a passée ensemble.
Ici nous sommes à Moscou

She's my best friend and I love to paint us remebering those days we spent together - and here we're in Moscow.

NB - Just in case so that you might know!: elle est blond, I'm red-haired


6 comm:

  1. Beautiful sketches...and looks like very fond memories!

    1. Yes, indeed! - we see each other rather seldom recently (( Thank you Rita! -for you kind words!

  2. Hey Erica:) haha I hadn't seen it was you with the red hair :) They really are beautiful sketches. Much nicer than photo's isn't it?

    1. Thank you Renate! and actually yes, much nicer! - this is an original: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-5jR8x8pPXQc/UCakm4Vs-QI/AAAAAAAADnA/xpW1_2qQE2E/s720/we.jpg

      (But it just was a bad photographer!!!):))

  3. Scrolling here and love your peeps style!
    Great work, love the travel journal pages too.


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