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Paris in my sketchbook

In fact not just Paris. I've been around, you know. Paris, Bordeaux, Bassin D'Arcachon (Gujan Mestras, La Teste de Buch, Dune du Pyla and around) and ALSO Pays Basque: San Sebastián (Donostia) and Hondarribia

I'll pick all these memories one day. But for a while some Paris ones.
I came there in my birthday, from Prague. 
I look people in the airport when we're all coming to Paris:

It was cold and windy.  And just amazing to meet there with Maurizio, to celebrate my birthday and endlessly walk around.
So some Paris places that I managed to put in my sketchbook! 
My favorite bookshop Shakespeare and Company

 It's from there, from Sh&C°window I see Notre Dame and then watercolor it

 On the Pont des Arts and in the park of Henry IV - 'Vert Galant'
  It was a little spontaneous show with men chorus -- Take a look how they sing:
 (click to open video)
And here I'd rather said "Don't take a look on my drawing of all this".... but well, it just was too fast!
NB.It's not a Centaurus. It's a silhouette of Henry statue

To be continued!


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  1. Beautiful sketches, so lively! Love your watercoloring! <3

  2. oh how pretty!!!! love your Paris pieces!!! wonderful work!!!

  3. Wow..what a super beautiful adventure of sketches to enjoy..they are all so fabulous and full of life....your artwork is spectacular...so gorgeous!
    Happy Sunday Sketches

  4. Cool! What a marvelous way to keep a record of your travels and preserve those precious moments you spent in Paris. Blessings!

  5. they're lovely. I like the last one, the best. I like the looseness of the paint.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  6. Wonderful sketches and so inspiring.

  7. I love your travel paintings! I especially love the trees and scenery in the last two :)

  8. Dear Erica:) Lovely sketches. They tell more then pictures do! Well done:)

    1. Hi Renate -- Yes, when I make a sketch it always lots of feelings and memories there!
      Thank you!


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