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St Julien le Pauvre, Rue Severin, Rue de l"Echelle and Bords de Seine

After all day walking-talking-drinking-dancing we went on Gospel concert à l'Eglise Saint Julien le Pauvre 
(they say it's an oldest church in Paris) 

Le Grand Bistrot on Rue Severin to take Bordeaux wine with fois-gras and brie

Next morning, we are in Le Musset on Rue de l'Echelle  (the street of gibbet) , petit dejeuner and people watching

then I should have run to Tour Montparnasse to take a train to Bordeaux, and before that I took a coffee in Bords de Seine on Chatelet, between the Fontain du Palmier and the Pont au Change 


8 comm:

  1. Beautiful work....loving your sketches that capture your world! Gorgeous color!

  2. Your paintings have such charm and truly reflect real life.
    Sue xx

  3. OK, so your work is so evocative that it has made me want to open a bottle of red and enjoy some strong cheese with a hunk of French bread!

  4. Absolutely delightful journal page drawings/paintings...love the added receipt!
    thanks for taking us along.

  5. This is some seriously gorgeous work! I love the commentary as well! Hope you're enjoying a very happy Sunday, janice

  6. Wonderful pieces from you again, Erica. I enjoy visiting your page. :)

  7. Thank you folks, so lovely to hear


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