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Bruniquel et Toulouse et Albi

Hello mes ami(e)s ! Look how I sketched my disjointed memories (les souvenirs détachés) from some places that I traveled some weeks ago. 
France Voyage Sketchbook

 This is Bruniquel, a little old town with 561 inhabitants
France, Bruniquel, Watercolor Sketch

France, Bruniquel, Watercolor Sketch
the smallest street (it calls right the way - "Narrow Street" - Rue Etroite)
and Garonne riverwalk 
(I got a chance that this dreamy man have been there, so good decoration) 
France, Toulouse, Watercolor Sketch
And  - (Oouh!...) - ALBI 
This is a Toulouse-Lautrec hometown. And here is its amazing museum 
where I passed several hours and keen to back there again.
 Just this very fast pencil sketch that  I made sur place
France, Sketch of ALBI


8 comm:

  1. Beautiful sketches, love them.

  2. What great memories! I love your trees, they are beautiful!

  3. Wonderful, lovely work, Erica. I enjoy your watercolor works and so glad to see you here in the bloggie world again. :)

    1. Thank you, Alexandra, and I adore your "participation project"


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