Watercolor and sketches about my travels, garden and kitchen as well! Watercolor and graphic illustrations, ubran-sketcher travel-sketchbook with art-journaling and junkbook pages watercolor,watercolor-sketchbook, artjournal, aquarelle, sketchbook, fast-sketch, france-sketch, illustration, graphic design, urban-sketch

Marseille, Toulouse and Saint-Petersburg


Fort Saint Jean à Marseille with small sketch of breakfast
and again Fort Saint Jean and the cloistre of Vieille charité
Marseill Pencil Sketch   Marseille Pencil Sketch
What I see on my table 
and Nîmes -- Arènes, old Roman Forum built in the 1st century

This is Toulouse -- quick sketches on the Place de la Daurade 
 and around

And this is my sketch of the Boudain's sketch

Ans my memories of my city Saint-Petersburg


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  1. It's lovely to have a peek into your travel journal! Such a wonderful idea to keep your memories! And I love your drawing skills too!

  2. Erica, your journal pages are absolutely delightful. I LOVE your potted trees and your roses are simply beautiful. Welcome back! Have a great week! :)

  3. Alexanrda, Stefanie, Rose, Karen and Saskia! You're so cool and lovely! Thank you! !


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