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Saissac and Fanjeaux

Voilà - some impressions of two little, magic, beautiful and amazing places in Languedoc-Roussillon that I saw this July.
First, the Château de Saissac - a ruined castle, one of the Cathar ones.
Château de Saissac was the residence of the Trencavel, a very noble family in Languedoc - the vassals of the Counts of Toulouse.

At the time of the Albigensian Crusade in 1229 the lord of Saissac, Bertrand de Saissac (Cathar himself), was the tutor of Raymond Roger de Trencavel.
 After the French Revolution the castle quickly fell in ruins.

Wonderful ruins! You can feel the spirit of the old times in every rock. Later it was looted by treasure hunters in 1862, lured by the castle's romantic aspect. Now these ruins are protected as Official historical monuments of France.

Here are my watercolor fast sketches. So very fast, I've made them
right away right there:

And another mystic place close to Carcassonne (and also the Cathares' point) is Fanjeaux
- the home of Saint Dominic. Yes!- that Saint Dominic who was the founder of the Dominican Order. And he stared his job right here, in Fanjeaux. The name of this village, built in II century, means "Fanum Jovis" - Jupiter's Temple.

This is still the most important place for the Dominican brethren.

Here is Seignadou (Sign of God)

And a page of my Watercolor Sketchbook that I made in the small caffée
there in Fanjeaux

and some motley details - the windows that I shot on the way back from the St.Dominic's house to the car

This is a very short video shot of the monastery yard with its bells ringins and wonderful trees, 
just click it to watch on Youtube:

See you!


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  1. What amazing photographs and incredible art! So lovely!

  2. great photographs and really nice drawings, good job with the stone textures :)

  3. I love looking at travel journals and have so enjoyed discovering your blog through sunday sketches! Wonderful pages!

  4. Beautiful photography. And beautiful art.

  5. Great travelogue and wonderful watercolor sketches.

  6. Oh my, I literally sat here for ages looking over each detail.... I love your travel sketches and paintings!

  7. Erica, I absolutely enjoyed this post. Loved the old architecture and history captured in the photos but especially in your art! :)

  8. My dearest madames!!! THANKYOU!! So lovely to read your encouraging words !


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