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Resto Sketches

Food Illustration Watercolor

Hello les amis,  
These are my expressions of my love to EAT. First, the restaurant "Aux pieds sous la table" -- "Feet under the table" -- good title, it means that you come, you sit and so you eat. That time it was a fish with Blé, a garniture of wheat with tender sauce:

Food Illustration Watercolor

I drew these  plates since it was inspiring 
Food Illustration Watercolor
with some saffron
Food Illustration Watercolor

and le rosé
Food Illustration Watercolor

It was a real Cuisine Française -- but I also adore the Chinese one
Food Illustration Watercolor
Nems and ravioli soup (ouh so spicy)
Food Illustration Watercolor

Food Illustration Watercolor

In fact I just came back from my trip to Istanbul, and I crave to show a lot of things -- but first I decided to make this Food Ode! So Istanbul is yet to come! 
See You ❤ ❤ ❤


8 comm:

  1. Oh my- I don't know what I love most- the food , or your artistic rendering of it all!
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing about Istanbul. Happy PPF!

    1. just found you on Instagram so I am now following:)

  2. This is an amazing take on food. I could never draw anything like that, and you made your photos come to life on the pages of your art journal. I'm also very impressed with your calligraphy skills. Wonderful swirls that inspire. Thanks for sharing these with us at Art Journal Journey, Erica. So glad you joined us again because I simply adore your drawings.

  3. Beautifully journaled - fabulous artwork and delicious looking food!
    Thank you for sharing what inspired you and joining in at AJJ.
    Gill x

  4. Oh my gosh - this food photos and your artistic rendering of all that delicious
    food on your amazing pages just makes the eye and heart happy! Simply GORGEOUS!
    So happy you shared this post with us over at Art Journal Journey! Much appreciated!
    hugs, Susi


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