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Nîmes Week-end

Hi les ami(e)s ! Last weekend we spent in Nimes, ex outpost of the Roman Empire in France. I've been there once few years ago and even shown something here. But now my brain has changed. Or my eyes. I became too greedy for all these new points of the planet, so full of history and unknown new spirit that every new place gives you every time you're arrive there. 

This is my pause at the Place of Herbes, in the Bar de Beaux Arts:

Pitty that I had just a couple of days, since there are so many things to draw, paint and put for good in a head or at least sketchbook . 

So there again are some café sketches with some journaling on the run. It's good to have pencils, glue-stick and adhesive tape in the bag! Me and my husband in the bar L'instan T

I want to promise to show all the other things that I saw and drew a little -- streets, restaurants, roofs, gardens, museums of Nîmes -- but I promised Istanbul already, I remember. Also, a month ago I was in Saint-Pétersbourg! Oh Dieu, how I'd LOVE to show it all here! So I promise nothing, but I do keep it all in my mind! SeeU ❤


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  1. what wonderful memories you will have to enjoy over and over in your travel sketchbook. Beautiful work! Happy PPF!

  2. You have lot of wonderful travel experiences. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy PPF 🌺

  3. Your "pause" produced some wonderful memories in your sketchbook!
    Happy PPF!!!

  4. Your sketchbook is just lovely!!!

  5. So hard to rush when there is so much to devour! Loved your journaling.

  6. Fabulous journal work, always good to take a breath and a bonus when you can enjoy it whilst creating. Thank you for sharing with us all.
    Happy PPF Tracey

  7. I love your art work.
    Happy PPF

  8. I can even smell the aroma of wonderful coffee!

  9. Your journal is lovely and your sketches never cease to amaze me! Great to see you at Art Journal Journey! Thank you for joining us!
    Happy weekemd!

  10. I always love your journal pages, Erica. This is a lovely entry and perfect for our theme this month at Art Journal Journey.

  11. A wonderful destination recorded in your journal. Your drawings and additions look fantastic. Thank you for joining my chosen theme at Art Journal Journey.

  12. Wonderful time and place to create.

  13. Oh my gosh I love this! The journal is fantastic!

  14. A wonderful way to keep memories. Well done.
    Dear Greetings

  15. Merci beaucoup everyone!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  16. I absolutely love your watercolor sketches - every single one. That's a fabulous travel journal with all its bits and pieces. Lovely post, Erica.

  17. A wonderful watercolour page Erica! It sounds like a lovely place to visit.

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    1. Eileen, Crafty and Lina-- Merci beaucoup !!


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