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Bumble BEE

Nature Illustration Bumble Watercolor Graphic

Uffffa. I almost finished my university, it's just a week and I'm free person with a great diploma of BAC+4! I'm graphic and web designer now (almost now), but I stay with my watercolor sketching forever.

My recent crush -- BUMBLE BEE. I saw a very very black bumble bee in the hollyhock (la rose trémière) in my garden. He was so black and so fluffy, so I decided that french bumble bees are flying cats.  Then I found a lot of interesting facts about them:

1. They have a pollen baskets on its paws.

2. They belong to the kingdom ANIMALIA. So do we, human beings. It means that we and bumbles are citizens of the same kingdom.
Nature Illustration Bumble Watercolor Graphic

bumblebee kingdom nature graphic illustration

bumblebee-kingdom-watercolor-nature illustration-sketchbook

 I become naturalist, it seems  

bumblebee pattern watercolor


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  1. Beautiful! I love the various genres in which you captured these glorious creatures we call bumble bees. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and happy PPF!

  2. Wonderfully made and created.

    Happy PPF.

  3. I do love your bumble bee sketches ... and the information about them too. Happy PPF :D)

  4. Fantastic bumble bee sketches are these, great informations as well- thank you for joining AJJ again dear Erica. Your art always amazes me.
    Susi xxx

  5. I am always impressed with your art. It speaks to me. You draw SO well, and your art has no bounds. Whether sketching, drawing, or painting in watercolors, you have a genuine gift. Thanks for sharing these pages with us at Art Journal Journey.

    Congratulations on your degree, too, dear Erica. It's always a blessing when you have graduated and know that the REAL tests don't compare to the ones you were given in school/uni.

  6. Wonderful art, great information on the bee, and congratulations!

  7. Felicitations! I love these pages - your bees do look so happy and I am happy that you linked to my theme at Art Journal Journey! We visited your beautiful city a few weeks ago when it was very hot so didn't get to see as much as we hoped - another year we will come in Autumn I think! Chrisx

    1. Thank you very much! Now it's much much hotter, you're lucky that you've been here a little bit earlier x))

  8. So lovely and vibrant painting..

  9. Congratulations! And I just LOVE your bumble bee--the gentle giants of all bees--there are quite a few in my garden this summer. I love your art style... It fills my eyes.


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