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Paris, Academ and other sketches and pics

So many beautiful pictures on Art Journal Journey and Paint Party Friday !
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So long time I haven't visited you, my luv blog 

But I did visited some other places and so now I can drop some of these places, incorporated in my photos and sketchbooks.

travel sketchbook

My trip to Paris -- I lived close to Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle (good news!) 
and during 1.5 day there I picked some scraps of papers and some sketches.

Paris watercolor travel Sketchbook

Memory of Notre Dame's spire and Gare du Nord, where I arrived from Charle de Gaulle aeroport 

Paris watercolor travel Sketchbook

Quite incognito me in my hotel close to Bonne Nouvelle: 

Paris travel watercolor Sketchbook

Since it was 2 visits in Paris one after other I drew this Paris map 
of where I've been staying and walking these days: 

Paris watercolor map illustration

And these are my very loving memories of AcademGorodok in Russie where I wanted to spend 3 weeks, but couldn't leave so fast, chaged my tickets and stayed these for more than 2 months 

My travel sketchbook

My travel sketchbook

A lady bug jumped on my hand! 
My travel sketchbook

And CATS !! My mam took a gread cat Pumba

Cats pencil  sketches

I drew Pumba and fat lovely black skotch Timba  -- these are my quick sketchbook pages:
(Timba loves to sit as a human being  -- at its buttom!) 
Cats dogs watercolor sketches

   There was SNOW even in October! It faded quickly, but I filmed a little this beauty: 

This is so wonderful place and I'm going to go back there asap asap.


 Here in Toulouse we are getting closer and closer to Xmas, and there are lots of cozy moments of  "Making winter" around me so I picture it:
heart and cactus christmas

sketchbook and coffee, making winter

Sketchbook coffee

Home decor cangles

Coffee sketchbook cookies

cactus black cat

coffee breakfast sketchbook

coffee cookies sketchbook making winter

Miliion of luck and happy chances to all us! 
Merry Xmas


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  1. Super post full of adventures and happy travelling happenings illustrated so well and lovely way.
    Merry Christmas ❤️

  2. A wonderful post. The journal is fabulous.

  3. that is wonderful journal with illustrated from their experiences!!!
    Merry Christmas

    1. Sirkkis, Linsa,Dv,Elkes, Merci beaucoup !!

  4. What's not to love about Paris.... beautiful illustrations of your vacations, and your vignettes of your home are a delight! Happy PPF, and Joyeux Noël!

  5. Simply stunning art AND gorgeous photos of Paris. You sketch so well.. Everything is beautiful. I love how you incorporate sketches on your photos. Simply amazing. Thanks so much for sharing these with us using Yvonne's theme at Art Journal Journey.

  6. Hi Erica :)) What a lovely post, I so enjoyed it! Your sketches are just beautiful, I love that map! And all of your cozy photos are so Hygge, love it!

    1. Linda,Christine,Bleubeard, Rain, thank you!

  7. Wonderful photos and sketches. I love all the views of Paris and your life. Merry Christmas.

  8. Delightful post full of fabulous sketch journaling and cozy winter pics! Merry Christmas and Happy PPF!


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