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Paris urban sketching pages of my diary

Paris sketchbook urban sketcher

Bonjour les ami(e)s! 
voilà some pages from my finished diary that I wrote and drew in several places -- Bordeaux, Sète, Paris and Academgorodok.  

There are pages from Paris about 2 days that I spent in Montmarte district, surrounded by the streets depicted in the books of George Simenon (I lived in the rue Rochechouart) 

travel paris sketchbook

This is my mom's scotch terrier Pumba and my scribbles inside and ourside of Sacré-Cœur 
(Hitler said "Terrible" when he saw it)).

I stuck on the messe a bit, so I drew a priest, rose window and nuns.

My way one day: Barbes-Rouchchouat -- Rue du Havre -- Grands Boulevards (Capucines and Italiens) -- Notre Dame de Loret. 

And a tiny flower from Montmartre hill. 

Paris sketchbook urban sketcher watercolor

There are lots of so nice memories that I kept in this diary. That's really good to keep these things alive via sketching! 
This is my sketchbook tour flip trough all the pages here:

I'll be back with Sète and Bordeaux pages, and also the big travel to Marseille that I made for the New Year's days!

See you soon!

Paris travel sketchbook  watercolor


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  1. Beautiful way to document all those special memories. Just think of the joy you spread to those that see this and the pride you must feel to see all your incredible sketches and words all in one place. A Marvellous Masterpiece!! Thank you for sharing these uplifting works of art.
    Happy PPF Tracey

  2. Really enjoyed your sketchbook video!

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful travelling journal book. You make lovely art.
    Happy PPF ❤️

  4. what a great way to hold so many wonderful memories of your trips. I love the sketches in combination with collage and writing! Happy PPF!

  5. Love your travel journal. I'm glad I watched your video, there were so many more pages to see.

  6. This makes me want to do a travel journal! So well done and you are soooo talented!!!

  7. nice gezeichnete interesting memories in the book pages!!

  8. beautiful travel journal. Thanks for sharing it with us at AJJ.

  9. Hi Erica :) I love your Pumba!!! Very sweet. I went to Paris in 1985 and my absolute favourite area was the Montmarte. Thanks for the memories! :)

  10. I've never done a travel journal before, but maybe it's because I don't draw. I love how you interspersed the drawings with photos, images, and tickets. This was a darling journal, and I also loved you added hearts in a couple of places, too. Thanks for sharing this beautiful journal with us at Art Journal Journey.

  11. Very nice indeed and a great way to save the memories.

  12. Beautiful pages and watercolour sketches Erica!
    Alison x


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